About Rob Tomlinson

Day job

  • creating, then giving long-term support to, the on-line presence of my clients


  • using the Drupal and Backdrop content-management systems and VB.NET to design websites which comply with web standards, are responsive to different screen sizes and devices, and get ranked well by Google

Passionate specialities

  • displaying information on interactive maps (e.g. where a business’s clients are located)
  • the Drupal Views module
  • clarity and exactitude
  • the power of words – to inform, persuade and give delight and pleasure


  • based on England’s south coast, amid a vibrant community of creative professionals
  • previously in France between 1998 and 2016, running a software and website development business
  • enjoying a full-time, freelance status as a software/web developer since 1994 – originally based in Brighton, UK – creating relational databases, multimedia systems elearning and consumer applications (in ToolBook and VB.NET), websites and CMS websites
  • shaped by the richness of having worked as an English teacher for 17 years (in London and East Sussex, UK): English, English as a foreign language, remediating specific language-learning difficulties (dyslexia); 7 years as Head of an English department
  • graduate of education (University of Southampton); post-graduate research (University of London) in the psychology of human information-processing


Please note that my business activity in France closed on 31st December 2015, and re-opened mid-February 2016 in the UK.

This move back to urban England means that some of the non-work time I spent on fences, strimming, carpentry and drainage in rural France I shall now be deploying to less pressing activities. The additional links on this page (to photography, reading and places visited) will take you down various paths which, with luck, will keep extending into a different sort of undergrowth!